RF secret

Secret Laser

Fractional Micro-needle RF System

Skin rejuvenation
& Tightening

from radiofrequency RF
energy uniformly!

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What is Secret Laser?

Cutera Secret laser is RF radiofrequency micro needling system that helps deliver tailored energy with tiny needle under dermal layer. Secret is a safe treatment that can be controlled RF energy directly on the targeted area to decrease damaging of surrounding tissue and to minimize side effects and post-inflammatory when compared to optical based treatments. Also, It's can be applied to all skin types and beneficial for Acne, scars, pores, pigments etc.

The significant feature of the Secret laser
- The secret lies in the 'Secret needle'!


The accurate formation of the micro-needles with 25pin

The micro-needles of the Secret laser are coated with gold, making it less sensitive while inserting to the skin. Also, the accurate formation of the micro-needles minimizes the resistance from the skin, maximizing the effects of the treatment and minimizing the pain that the patients may experience during the treatment.


Strong radio-frequency energy transferred to the dermis

Secret laser transfers strong radio-frequency energy to the dermis through micro-needles. Thus, 90% of the collagen in the dermis is reproduced and the elasticity tissue, Elastin is stimulated rejuvenate the skin. The skin renewal is to be continued for a long period of time because of the collagen reproduction in the dermis layer.


The strength and depth of the energy is adjustable, making an accurate and
delicate skin renewal

Different from the standard Fraxel laser, Secret laser could adjust the depth of the insertion of the micro-needles from 0.5~3.5mm up to 0.1mm as an unit according to the skin types of the patients, a delicate adjustment is possible. The micro-needles could be accurately inserted to the target depth and the strength of the energy transfer could be flexibly adjusted. Not only is the pain minimal, side effects such as burn and pigmentation are rare.

▣Refund/ Indemnify Policy ▣
If a patient have a side effect happened from medical malpractice,
the clinic will do refund and indemnify under Medical Act of Korea.

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