LDM Lifting + Arneb Laser

Renewme skin clinic

Fine Lines, skin elasticity,
Pores at Once!

LDM Lifting
+ Secret Laser

Wrinkle rejuvenation and lifting as well!


LDM Lifting

LDM Lifting + Secret Laser

Deep cleansing + Velvet Mask


Deep Cleansing

Clean the face carefully with cleansing products.
Deep cleansing helps to remove sebum, wastes, and follicles from deep pores in the
skin. It is safe to treat for sensitive skin by using the exclusive cleansing solutions
from dermatology.





LDM lifting

LDM lifting makes a balance of the cells in the skin to relieve skin troubles
and amplify the fibrous protein producing enzyme to make more young and healthy skin.

The lifting makes to produce fibrous protein continuously and break down aging-fibrous protein
to help distribute the production of new fiber blasts.

1. Apply the gel

2. LDM water drop lifting

3. Cleansing

LDM lifting helps produce a
fibrous protein enzyme that activates skin셲
immune system to restore the skin

The lifting produces the highest
HSP (Heat Shock Proteins) to
increase skin protection and to
minimize skin troubles and other

Fibrous protein

Fibrous protein


Arneb Laser

Arneb Laser is an excellent facial lifting equipment to improve fine wrinkles, pore
contraction, skin tone, skin elasticity and acne scar as well.

The laser is the most advanced treatment that combines conventional lasers with
radio-frequency therapy than one 밺imensional single laser.혻It has most effective
in enlarged pores improvement.

The laser uses the pneumatic system
before irradiating laser beam into the

Effectiveness竊Pore contraction, skin
tone, skin elasticity improvement, acne
scar rejuvenation.

By adding혻the pneumatic system to the existing high-frequency
diode laser compound method, Arneb laser keeps energy from
unnecessarily being wasted and instead concentrates in on the
exact target, reducing side effects and increasing treatment


Velvet Mask

Velvet Mask is a hydrating mask that traps a content of 99% moisture within the skin.
The velvet mask is a gel-type mask, non-sticky that structured to capture as much
moisture as possible within the skin. It works to cool, soothe, hydrate, and even
whiten the skin effectively.

Before & After Photos


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As each patient is different, the results may vary by individual.
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뼠Refund/ Indemnify Policy 뼠
If a patient have a side effect happened from medical malpractice,
the clinic will do refund and indemnify under Medical Act of Korea.

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