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botox treatment
D (2022-04-18 10:49:28)
I'd like to get a botox on my eye area.
How long will it last?
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What is Botox? (Btoxin)


Patient can see effective results when botox is injected in precise area. They must check if it’s performed by experienced dermatology specialists. The effects are applied to square jaw, calf, wrinkles from eye and glabellas area and even facial lifting. Reneweme Skin Clinic, dermatologists have a consultation to diagnose each patient for Botox treatment with their extensive experiences.

Then patients can see the effective results with dermatologists.



Botox is a treatment to prevent wrinkles and Botulium toxin to paralyze muscles in a specific area. It sometimes has bruise on the injected area but it is temporary phenomenon that will subside over time.


Botox helps face contouring to paralyze the masseter muscle when you chew food and It reduces the volume of muscle to make slender jaw line.  The effects start to appear from about 2 weeks and it lasts about 4 to 6 months depends on each individual.

Botox is used to shrink overdeveloped calf muscles. It helps the line to make slimmer. It is more effective for people who have low fat and muscle development and asymmetrical calves.


l  Botox lasts about months after treatment and there is an individual difference in the period. It lasts longer if it has repeated treatments. Renewme Skin Clinic use refined products. When a patient starts to have Botox treatment, you can check the refined products and then have treatment by experienced dermatologists. 






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