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Short chin filler at Renewme Skin Clinic


Before I visited Korea, I was planning my trip, and one of the things I wanted to get done was to go to skin clinics in Korea. So many of my friends told me about how great it is, and the price being awsome and reasonable!

Like many of Asians, I consider forehead with some volume and sharp chin very pretty:)

I watch lots of Korean dramas, and every actress in them looks so pretty and young!

I was kinda scared to do both parts all together, so I decided to only do short chin filler this time.

I saved forehead filler for the next time I visit Korea which will be in couple of months!

So to prepare for my trip in Korea, I looked up many forums, clinics, blogs, and websited on internet.

There were tons of information on it, but I looked through them very thoroughly.

I read lots of tesimonials and reviews as well, and decided to get treatment from Renewme.

The clinic was really nice and the staff were really nice too! They had English interpreter, so I had no problem communicating with the doctor. I consulted with the doctor, and he said I can get the short chin filler as I wanted!

So I got it, and was really satisfied with the result, and I still am really satisfied!

Everyone, including my friends and family, totally noticed the difference, and they all really likes the result that I got. So next time when I come back to Korea, I will definitely come back and do some forehead and get touch up for my chin!




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