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Filler by Dr. Ko Na Young- I'm satisfied!


I'm so happy with the results from Dr. Ko's treatment I decided to write a review. I was originally against doing anything to my face. I didn't even do double eyelid surgery, while everyone else did. I was too afraid of side effects. However, after entering my 40s I felt that my face wasn't what it used to be, and my skin looked loose and tired.

Following my friends' recommendation I consulted Dr. Ko Na Young at the Hwagok branch. I was surprised because she was so beautiful. I was able to trust her more because she'd had a few procedures done on her own face and was able to explain everything in the patient's point of view. My face isn't large, but it's flat and I have a square jaw which always stressed me out. Looking back I don't know why I refused any cosmetic procedures before... If I'd started earlier I could have prevented a lot of my wrinkles..

I'm still really shy though, so I asked for something very natural. I kept saying please make me prettier but subtly (which is actually the hardest part haha). When Dr. Ko was injected the filler in my forehead, she thought I could use a bit more but I rejected it. Now I think I should have listened to her. I felt strange before starting the procedure but Dr. Ko made me feel comfortable and explained everything well.

This is my before picture. I have a flat and slanted forehead. It looks worse from the side but I couldn't find a picture. It's embarrassing enough already haha!


3 days later: my forehead is a lot rounder and even looks wider. I felt my forehead protruded too much on the first day but after 3 days the swelling went down and the filler even made my nose bridge look higher. I was so happy when I heard for the first time in my life that my hairline looked nice! 

Does it look nice and natural? I didn't want anything too unnaturally big and round, so I'm really happy. I had some filled injected in my chin and my facial line is a lot clearer now.. though my expression is really awkward ^^:

I also had botox injection for my jaws, and IPL for blemishes (had to do everything in one day because I live far away)


After 10 days:

I only put on sunscreen. Maybe it's because of IPL but my face is glowing. You can see my rounded forehead. And thanks to the botox and chin filler, I have my first ever V line. I also feel like my eyes became a little tighter too, and I look a lot younger. My husband says at least 7 years younger!

There was no pain or downtime, and everything was so natural. The difference almost feels like plastic surgery! :)


I'm sure all the doctors at Renewme Skin Clinic are amazing, but Dr. Ko Na Young is really good.

I didn't know what I wanted for my face, so I just let her do whatever she needed to. She examined me thoroughly to make sure my face was balanced and she was very detailed about every aspect. People keep asking me where to go, and I always recommend Renewme Skin Clinic... if you're considering botox or filler, I say don't worry and go for it! You won't regret it !




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