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Underarm Sweat Gland Suction/Hyperhidrosis Meditoxin for Palms



This is a testimonial from Dr. Kim Deok Han of Renewme Skin Clinic Hongje.

I had been sweating excessively in the underarms and palms, and considered treatment for quite a while but couldn't find the courage to consult other dermatologists after I had just opened my own skin clinic, especially since I was concerned the downtime would interfere with my own practices. After procrastinating for quite a while, I finally decided to receive treatment from a fellow doctor from Renewme Skin Clinic.

For hyperhidrosis in my underarms, I selected the AccuSculpt procedure.


After learning that AccuSculpt was the latest laser equipment used for treating hyperhidrosis, we obtained one for our own clinic and decided to test the treatment on myself.

I shaved my underarms prior to the procedure, which is a convenient step but not entirely necessary for those who don't want to. 

Right before the the surgery, the treatment area was sterilized and anesthesia was injected. I'm very sensitive to pain, and the anesthetic injection hurt a bit, but even someone like myself was able to handle it quite well. During the procedure, I could occasionally feel the heat of the laser under my skin, which stung at times (though I've heard that men are generally less able to tolerate pain). Other than that, there was nothing too uncomfortable. About 30 minutes later, the treatment was over. I saw that my underarms were a bit bruised and taped over where the needle had been inserted. I took oral medication for about 2-3 days to prevent infection.

There are many patients who worry about having to shave, or about possible scars, but I assure you that this procedure has very low risk of side effects. 

Now it has been about 2 weeks since I had the procedure. For a while, I felt prickling sensations in my underarms and felt numb from time to time, but I can feel it improving. Before I had the procedure, whenever I was nervous or had to perform surgery on a patient, my whole body would sweat. Now, my underarms are pretty much dry. And though it was embarrassing, I even asked other people to touch my underarms and confirm that they couldn't feel any sweat.

There are no scars or wounds, and the procedure time itself was short, so all in all I am satisfied with the results. It was more painful and took longer than a regular Meditoxin injection, but since this reduces the actual number of sweat glands, the effects last many months longer. The only problem might be possibility of relapse, but even if it does you will notice that you sweat much less than you had before surgery, and a simple retouch is always available - for these reasons I believe that in the future this procedure may replace Meditoxin injections as a solution to hyperhidrosis. I am simply in awe of the renovations of modern medical technology.

AccuSculpt sweat gland suction does not prevent sweating altogether, but reduces excessive sweating. ^_^

My underarm sweating was taken care of, but my sweaty hands were still a problem. Once we started implementing the multi-needle Meditoxin to treat hyperhidrosis on the hands, I decided to try it out before my patients and to test its effects. I asked a dermatologist from one of our other branches to perform the procedure on my hands.


This is my hand before procedure.


An ample amount of numbing cream was applied to my palms. I felt a bit nervous to be the patient after always being the doctor, especially since I know I'm very sensitive to pain.. ^^



My palms became quite red once the procedure was finished. My hands were burning by the time it was over but the pain was not as bad as I had expected. I'm glad that now my hands won't be so clammy while I am treating patients.

For anyone else who experiences discomfort due to excessive sweat...

These are a couple of treatments you might want to consider. :-)




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