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Permanent eyebrows review :)


When I came to Korea for the first time, I was stunned by all the Korean women, and wondered ‘how can they look so pretty without any make up on?’ As I went to school in Korea and spent some time with Korean friends, I slowly found out the secrets:) At first, all they said was do nothing but take care of your good skin, but later on, they told me a little secret; get permanent makeup without anyone noticing! lol. iI was so surprised. When I was in China, whenever I saw someone with permanent makeup, whether it was permanent eyeliner or eye brows, it looked unsophisticated; moreover, hideous....... This one time, my mom got permanent eye brows, and when the time passed, the color changed from black to not red, but blue.!! BLUE!!! It looked REALLY ugly. BUT once I got them done in Korea, I fell in love with the permanent eye brows.hehe. The best thing about it was that they look so natural! After I got them done, the tattooed brows are unnoticeable, no one still knows that I got them done, and even without any make up on, my brows look so natural, and yet still look pretty! Even my eyes look prettier :D The most important thing is that all the ingredients are natural ingredients. When I was getting the procedure done, the color changed gradually and slowly. Nothing looked and still looks awkward. Then who should get the permanent makeup?! I suggest to.............

Someone whom their makeup gets smudged easily.

Someone with thick eyelid.

Someone who doesn’t want to or lazy to put makeup on every day.

The procedure took me about 35 minutes overall; I waited 20 minutes with anesthetic cream on my brows, and the procedure itself took about 15 minutes and then I was done! It didn’t hurt a bit! I felt no pain! After the procedure, they gave me a rejuvenating cream to put on my eye brows, so it can stay moistened and heal quickly!

The following pictures are pictures of me after I got them done. I’m very satisfied, but you will never know until you get them yourself! :)










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