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Blue Rose Thread Lift Testimonial


In my mid-thirties, I definitely felt my skin loosening. I was most concerned about my cheeks, jawline, and nasolabial fold, and I wanted instant results. The doctor recommended this new type of thread lift called Blue Rose. It is supposed to be much more effective than the thread lifts I have done before because the thread is much thicker and secures better on the skin.

I'd been going to Renewme frequently so I had complete faith in the dermatologists. However, I still was a bit worried because it was something I hadn't done before. So I did some research and felt much better after learning that the threads used here were approved by the FDA.


The doctor designed my face with a pencil before injecting the anesthesia, which hurt a little. A lot of people ask me how much it hurt, but I have high tolerance for pain so I only felt a little prick.

After everything was over I got really nervous and I went to look at my face in the mirror. The doctor said my face would swell up a lot, and it did, but I could definitely see that my face was lifted.


This is right after the procedure.


And this is only 2 days later. 

I have done thread lift before, but this time it felt more comfortable because I wasn't able to feel anything in my face when I was talking or when I touched my cheeks. I can feel that my face is a lot tighter, but still looks natural when my expression changes, like when I'm laughing or frowning. And if you look from the side my jawline has so much more definition, so I'm happy with the results. I think I might be one of the earliest people to try out this thread lift, so if anyone is considering a good thread lift I would definitely recommend Blue Rose.




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