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Fat graft


31 years old, and I was overloaded with responsibilities as a mother and at work. I was losing so much weight, and it was showing especially in my face. It got to the point where people were started to get worried about me, saying I looked sick... so that went on for about a year, and then I finally decided to just go with a fat graft!! I took a few days off in the summer to do it.


This is my before photo... You can see how sunken my cheeks are... :( My cheekbones look very pointy and my nasolabial fold is pretty deep. My eyes look sunken too... so I just decided to fill in EVERYTHING. It's been a while since I saw my own before photo... I looked seriously sick! And sad. :/


So right after the fat graft I looked like this. I remember thinking it was actually not that bad, since I expected a lot more swelling. I was SO wrong though! The following week was just... I don't even want to show anyone my pictures from that period.But overall I guess it was ok, except for a bit of pain. Especially in the thighs, since that's where my fat was extracted. It hurt like crazy and I couldn't even walk properly for a while :((( 


This is 12 days after. Look at how chubbier I am ^^ hehehee! I went to work and everyone was like, "What happened to your face?!?!" It was probably super obvious because before then I had absolutely no fat on my face. So I ended up telling the truth.. haha


Now it's been 1 month and I'm satisfied with the way my face turned out. I have to visit for a second injection soon... I'm thinking maybe this time I'll get it on my forehead (since that seems to be the trend today, haha) 

Everyone says I look a lot younger, prettier, and they all say I should have done it way sooner. So yes, these days I'm happy :D




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