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ACCUSCULPT Facelift works wonders!


If you haven't heard of it yet, Acculift is seriously the best facelift procedure because it's like liposuction AND facelift AND wrinkle treatment at the same time, but without major surgery! I got this procedure when I was 28... I know it still might seem like a young age but I had gained a lot of weight and it felt like a lot of fat was just hanging off of my face, especially my double chin. It made me look a lot older than my age and I always looked like I was mad at something... like those pouty old ladies if you know what I mean. 

The procedure was not entirely painless, I'm not going to lie. The anesthesia injections hurt a lot, but after that I obviously became numb. If I started to feel a little pain then the doctor would give me another injection and then I didn't feel anything again. So it was not that bad.

Essentially, Acculift uses some laser pointed needle to melt the fat, and then remove it. So it's like liposuction but more effective since it uses the laser. The procedure also has lifting and tightening effects, so it helps with wrinkle removal too. And you need to be aware that the effects are not always immediate. It might be for some, but for me, it took about 1-2 months for my face to completely settle in but I'm soooo happy with the results. So it's not like, 'omg she got surgery her face changed overnight', it's more like 'wow, did you lose weight? You got really prettier!' because it's so natural and gradual :D Plus I look a lot younger, and I have a really nice V-line, which all Koreans are crazy about. :P 

Dr. Ha was also amazing. I think for cosmetic procedures on the face, a female doctor is better, because they just have a much more delicate touch. Or maybe it was just Dr. Ha that was delicate and precise. I've had facial injections before and usually male doctors will just cram the needle into your face, and their hands are really heavy. So double thumbs up for Dr. Ha - she's a complete expert and she really pays attention to detail. :) And the clinic was really nice too. It's bright, for one thing, and it doesn't have a hospital-y smell. I felt like I was at a spa or something.

Anyway, you don't have to be old to do Acculift. I'm so glad I went through with this, I'm really satisfied with my face and I would recommend it to anyone!







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