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Fat Graft at Renewme (Chinese Review)


PRP Fat Graft + Hyaluronic Injection + Soothing Treatment (Omega Laser + Regenerating Laser + Gold Toning)

I already received acne treatment twice at Renewme, and was now ready to receive a fat graft. I had a fat graft once before at a plastic surgery clinic, but I chose a dermatologist this time because of the huge difference in service. My procedure at a plastic surgery clinic took only 1 hour, but at Renewme it took THREE hours! Plus, I received a lot of additional skin treatments before and after. And when I was done there were a lot of injection marks on my face, compared to last time at the plastic surgery clinic. It just shows that here, the doctor really pays attention to all the details in your face. She WANTS to make your face prettier. I thought my face was fine, I really liked the results, but she wasn't happy with herself because she thought it was asymmetrical when you can't really tell. I think the doctor is a bit of a perfectionist, which is another reason I know I made the right decision to come here!


(Me before procedure)

So I arrived at the clinic at noon. Dr. Ha designed my face with a white eyeliner pencil and explained the procedure in full detail. I really liked this about her, normally clinics say only the good things and brag about how great their results are, but Dr. Ha was careful to mention all the possible side effects and that I might not be satisfied with the results. Obviously it wasn't to scare me, and I'm glad she was objective, but I admit I did get a bit nervous after that :P


I went under anesthesia so I don’t have any memories during the procedure. Thank god, too, because from what I heard and from some photos a friend took for me, the needles are... big. I'll leave it at that ^^ But anyway, I also have a photo of all the fat from my thighs. So. Much. Fat. I wonder how many calories I need to spend in order to lose all that haha

Oh, and all the nurses and doctors were really considerate. They asked me first if I felt cold, even under the surgery blanket thing, and when I said yes they gave me an extra blanket which was really warm and cozy. As cozy as it can get in a surgery room :P After that I don't really remember.


This is PRP. I know it looks just like blood, but the nurse actually put it into some machine and apparently it condenses all the good parts, and then they inject it back into your face.


I received a soothing treatment right after the procedure. This is supposed to reduce the bruising and swelling in a short amount of time. The light is very bright but they cover your eyes. It was warm and I slept really well for 20 minutes.


After that was the gold laser toning. I didn't mention this here, before a few days before the fat graft I came in for some acne treatment too. It's not painful, and with all the other treatments I can get here, everything is definitely worth it!


The last step was a facial mask and regenerating laser. I look like some sort of alien especially under the red light... but I need to cover my eyes. :) They told me the effects are much better if you do both at the same time. I love the facial masks you can get here in Korea... I wish I had the laser at home too!


This is me right after the procedure. I’m very satisfied with the results, since I was warned that I might not be! Obviously it's really swollen here, but just a few days later:



A little filtering, true, and I had my eyebrows tattooed the day after... and some other procedures too hehe, but my face really has a nice V-line now. Yay!



   1. If you want to receive both skin treatment and plastic surgery, you should definitely do the skin first. If the swelling is too bad after surgery you might not be able to receive skin treatment.

   2. Make sure to schedule an appointment before coming. The waiting time can be very long.

   3. The soothing treatments to reduce swelling were really nice. You can also ask for this at a skin clinic after plastic surgery.


This review was translated from Chinese to English. 

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