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Arm Mini-Liposuction (Staff)


Ladies have all probably thought about diet or fat loss at some point, and I'm not an exception.

For me, my worst area was the arms, which were still stubborn after months of diet and exercise.

It was the first thing I thought of when I heard that mini-liposuction was being introduced to Renewme Skin Clinic!


After consultation, the doctor designed the treatment area. She first asked me which areas concerned me the most, and designed it according to my requests so I could get the exact results I wanted.


I laid down on the operation bed after the designing and the doctor disinfected the area for me. I was pretty nervous at this point. But surprising I only felt a little sting during the anesthetic injection and after that everything was painless; I just felt my arm swelling up a bit from the solution.


And finally the doctor started to suction out my fat. She told me to say something if I ever felt any pain, but I honestly didn't feel anything all throughout the procedure and was able to just lie down comfortably, albeit just a little nervously. 


After it was all over the doctor showed me the fat that was removed so I could see in person. :O

It was weird to see that it was extracted from my own body, and it made me feel that maybe this could actually be really effective!

A lot of people ask me about the pain and about the results of mini-liposuction.


Now since I've tried it for myself, I can answer with complete confidence.

For me, I was able to return to work right after, and didn't feel any discomforts, not when I was in bed or as soon as I woke up. As for the results, a picture's worth a thousand words, isn't it? I saw a 3 centimeter decrease in just 10 days! In the ​arms​, the most difficult area to lost fat! I couldn't believe it!

Plus, I've been told that the full results show after up to about 6 weeks, so I really can't wait to see more results.

I hope my review is helpful for anyone considering this procedure!


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