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Thermage and Chin Filler


This is a testimonial from our Dongdaemun branch manager.

I started to worry about my skin elasticity as I reached my thirties. It wasn't particularly sagging for my age, but I was more concerned for my skin especially since I'm working at a dermatology clinic. ^^

I consulted our doctor about my concerns and was recommended Thermage, and a filler injection for my chin to add volume and make my face shape prettier.

Thermage is a procedure that contracts and tightens skin by regenerating collagen. We all know that the effects are good, but because of the price I was still a little hesitant. ^^ I became just like any other patient, when I had to decide which procedures to have done. However, if the results last for 2 years and the effects are that good, I thought it would be a good reward for myself, a gift for working hard! ^^


The 3rd generation Thermage CPT is said to be less painful and more effective.


Since our clinic is very busy, I couldn't apply numbing cream as long as other patients normally do. ​Dr. Kim was worried that I might feel pain, but it was fine, although I felt some heat here and there during the treatment.

We went straight for the chin filler afterward.


​Filler is a popular method for correcting facial lines. Chin fillers are effective for patients who have short chins and protruding mouths, and for round faces.


This is me one ​week after the filler. My chin has become naturally prettier as you can see. ^^

Both procedures have hardly any downtime and you can go to work right after. You don't have to worry that people at work might notice that you had something done, because we offer treatments that make you naturally prettier. Consult Dr. Kim about how you can become prettier too. ^^




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