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One of our Chinese patient come to our clinic and give us her review for LDM treatment in our clinic. She has done for Acne scar treatment, Inno-plus two times at our clinic before. She gets brighter skin tone and can't see any acne scar on her face with makeup. Here is her review. Check out for real review about LDM lifting treatment. 



I visited Korea for NewYear Holiday for delicious food and shopping and skin care as well.

I was really satisfied with acne scar treatment in Renewmeskin clinic before. For the holiday, I come the clinic again to have face lifting treatment from Dr. Ha. I am interested in Face lifting called "Ultherapy program" and I want to have face lifting for more skin tightening effects without surgery. Also, I want to have safe procedures with no downtime. I asked to dermatologist, Dr. Ha. The doctor said that patients normally put numbing cream on face about 40 minutes long. But, I don't have time to treat for a long time because of my trip with my friends.


However, Dr. Ha  recommends me to have NEW lifting programs which is LDM lifting programs. LDM  lifting is ultrasound lifting programs and it helps skin elasticity, fine wrinkle improvement, and skin tightening as well. But, it has less effectiveness and lasting than Ultherapy. ​I just took pictures for LDM device and my procedure for treatment. LDM helps my skin to treat skin tone and texture of my face.   


The clinic has promotion even for LDM lifting that includes deep cleansing and velvet Mask,.

The staff help me to do cleansing, exfoliation and toning with the exclusive cleansing solution from dermatology. Also, the last step was velvet mask which is a hydrating mask, a get-type mask and it feel to capture much moisture as possible in my skin. 

I LOVE LDM lifting and Velvet mask. 


Plus, I ask Dr. Ha about skin products and what skin products Korean girls use. The doctor said that you need to get skin products after checking your skin types from dermatologists at the clinic. The skin type depends on weather, endocrine system on people. we also need to change skin products every 3 months, not using expensive skin products. 


Here is my Before and After photo after LDM lifting treatment. I can see my skin tone more brighter and skin texture as well. Also, it helps my facial lifting to make more V-line shape and my face contouring. I am really happy with the results and want to come Renewmeskin clinic next month! 

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