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PRP fat graft & Acculift


Here is the Before and After from Acculift+ Fat graft at Renewme Skin Clinic.

Both treatment can be done on the same day, and we will explain the procedures here in this post.


The following patient is from China and visited our clinic during the National Day holidays. First and foremost, of course, is consultation with our dermatology specialist Dr. Ha Ji Hyun, along with our Mandarin translator. For the ultimate anti-aging effect, the patient has decided on fat graft for the forehead and under eyes, with AccuLift for the chin. 


What exactly does this mean?

FAT GRAFT is a procedure that extracts fat from the back of your thighs to be transferred over to areas in the face that lack volume. This means flat foreheads, sunken cheeks, etc. Generally, fat graft works best for large and wide areas such as the cheeks and forehead.  


At Renewme Skin Clinic, fat graft is a serious procedure that requires time and precision. Unlike many plastic surgery clinics, we don't consider this a simple procedure that's done within a couple of hours, since it takes time and technique to sculpt the face so the patient is satisfied with the results.


​​ACCULIFT is a procedure that dissolves and melts fat, while promoting collagen regeneration. This is also known as laser lipolysis. The laser is emitted from a needle that is inserted into the skin, which stimulates collagen while melting the fat which is to be extracted. Therefore, this is not to increase volume, but to remove excess fat while tightening the skin. So this is a procedure not for sunken cheeks, but rather chubby cheeks or a double chin.


Before treatment, patient doesn’t have volume on her forehead and front cheeks without contouring, so she looks more older and bigger than normal people. 

Dr. Ha Ji Hyun recommends her to have PRP FatGraft and AccuLift. It’s effective to treat the face to improve volume without damaging the fat and skin layer, preventing swelling & bruising from certificated dermatologist. 

After procedure, Washing face and applying makeup is possible immediately. Patient may experience swelling and bruising and it subsides within 3 or 7 days later.


After 10 days, fat graft on the area sets into the skin layer. Patient may have acne on the area because the fats causes oil secretion. Then patient may have deep cleansing and apply moisturize after procedure. After one month, patient has more natural looking. Also, it’s better to have 2nd treatment after 2 or 3 months later if the fat is absorbing into the skin.​ 


Estimated downtime is about 2 week. The patient was so satisfied with her face and she would recommend it to anyone. Here is recovery progress after treatment. Check it out for differences! Stay tuned and feel free to contact us if you have any questions at Renewmeskinclinic.


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