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INNO Plus+ Acne Treatment


I was always stressed out by my acne when I was younger. I didn't know anything about skin care, that's why I would pop my pimples all the time at home. Now I only break out before my period but I have a lot of scars and big pores left over from my past acne.


You can see the pores and scars on my cheeks. I searched a lot online and used a lot of different products, but none of them work and only made my skin more sensitive. So I thought I should get treatment at a skin clinic instead, and went to Renewme Skin Clinic.

The doctor checked my skin and recommended the right treatment for me

INNO Plus+!


Drinking milk while waiting for my numbing cream, if you like cereal flavored mild definitely try this out!


I'm also working on my laptop while I'm waiting.


After 30 minutes I went into the laser room for INNO Plus+ treatment.

This is the pen they will use for my pores and scars.


INNO Plus+ uses radiofrequency from the tip of the needle to regenerate collagen and make new skin. The difference from INNOfill is that they use different types of needle and tips to treat more parts. 



For pore treatment, the doctor counts and treats every little pore. So they need to be patient as well as skilled. Thank you Dr. Ha!

I didn't do any anesthetic injection, just the cream. When the pen was injected it didn't hurt at all, I just felt some stinging when the radiofrequency was emitted but it was very bearable.


This is right after the treatment. It's only a little bit red and I can go back to work right away. If you want to treat your pores and acne scars, definitely give this treatment a try! Hope my review helps.




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