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Acne Scar Treatment Package


AquaPeel + Excel V Laser + Fractional Laser + INNOfill

Acnes were always my biggest concern since I was a teenager. 

​I tend to touch and press my acne a lot - that's why I have a lot of acne scars, and even some became deep holes. I tried some treatments in China before but I had never seen any effect from it.

So I decided to make an appointment with Renewme Skin Clinic in Seoul through their Chinese interpreter. They helped me with online consultations before I arrived in Seoul, and they were also present to assist me on D-Day!


The clinic staffs and my Chinese interpreter welcomed me to their Jamsil branch. I filled out the registration form and talked about my concern before meeting the Dermatologist for consultation.


She is Dermatology Specialist Ha Ji Hyun from the Jamsil branch who was in charge for my treatment that day. I heard about her before from the website 'Soyoung'.

She looked even younger and prettier than in the photo - her skin was flawless!!!


She looked through out my skin condition and she recommend Acne Scar Treatment Packaget that contains INNOfill + Mosaic (Fractional) Laser, also Excel V Laser in pigmentation and vascular mode, and Aqua Peel.


I went right to preparation for treatment after the consultation. I cleaned my face and they also took some pictures of my skin for record purposes. The first treatment was Aqua Peel.


Aqua Peel is a treatment to clean your pores. They clean not only dead skin cells and waste of the skin, but also sebums and blackheads on the T-zone. After that, they also moisturized my skin with mask pack which is full of nutrients.


After that I went for the Excel V Laser treatment. I heard that Excel V Laser is the latest laser technology, that is not easy to find even in South Korea. This is one of their popular treatment for Korean and foreign patients because this laser could treat redness/pigmentation that happens because of vascular reasons. It only took about 10-15 minutes and no pain at all.



I waited for about 40 minutes after numbing cream application before INNOfill and Mosaic (Fractional) Laser treatment.

INNOfill is a treatment that uses a patented special needle with radiofrequency, that will help with collagen regeneration and acne scars from under your skin.

After that I received the Mosaic (Fractional) Laser. This laser creates microscopic holes in the skin and stimulates collagen regeneration. This laser is also good for pores and acne scars.

Both treatments compliments each other. I cannot wait for the result~!




I also received a soothing care treatment after the laser sessions. It is a must after a laser session because our skin need some rest after that.

The specialist cooled my skin temperature down and gave me LED laser treatment & mask pack. The soothing care is important to heal your skin faster after all those laser sessions.

The photo on the is a before & after photo of me, a month after the treatment.

What do you think? I can see improvement with only one session!





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