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Acne scar package; Frequency needle, DNA dermal rejuvenation, Pico


Roxy Sy is Japanese and Philippine blogger and has a 54.7K followers on her instagram. She is a traveler and talked about fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Korea and Japan. She often visited Korea and Japan. Finally, she visited us to have a consultation about Acne scar at Jamsil branch. We will talk about her stories!​


 //Before consultation//

Roxy visited Jamsil branch to have a consultation with Dr. Ha Ji Hyun. She is concerned about acne scar like depressed scar and large pores on her face. She was really stressed out acne scar a lot, so she looked up the popular clinic for acne scar in Korea. She finally found Renewme Skin Clinic. She was ready to have a consultation and wrote her basic information for her skin concern. Ready for consultation! 



 She is concerned Acne scar and large pores on cheeks area. She was stressed about scar when she had a makeup every morning. She wanted to fix her skin to make more clean and glowying. Dr. Ha Jihyun checked her skin and recommended ACNE SCAR PACKAGE that is the popular one in renewme skin clinic. We have Acne scar package including 3 treatments; Frequency needle, DNA dermal rejuvenation, PICO enlighten laser. She could fix and keep having acne scar treatment to regenerate collagen on her skin from Acne scar and requires about 3 sessions to see effective results. 


 //Preparing treatments//

 She decided to have Ance scar package for her depressed scar and large pores on the face, mostly cheeks area. Before the treatments, she need to wash her face for cleansing make-up. She needed to take photos for before and after. She could check her before photos after few sessions later. Then she need to apply the numbing cream for 30 minutes for painless. 


//Acne scar package// 

Step 1: Frequency needle

Frequecy needle emits radio frequencies from a special patented needle and treats acne scar from under the skin. The needle cuts off tangles tissues that hold down the skin, while the Frequecy needle triggers fibrous protein production to regenerate new skin. It is applied to lcepick scar, Boxcar scars, and rolling scars;



 //Acne scar package//

Step 2: DNA dermal rejuvenation

DNA dermal rejuvenation is a way to cure the scars or wrinkles in the depressed scars with injecting CO2 gas and Hyaluronan acid into the dermal layer of the depressed scars. The injected area from CO2 and Hyaluronan acid to fill out the new tissue of skin layer and effective on skin regeneration for acne scar, wound and even the wrinkle.


//Acne scar package//

Step 3: PICO Enlighten laser

Last treatment, it’s a fractional laser for outer skin. DNA and frequency needle is helpful for skin dermal layer. Pico enlighten laser delivers wavelengths tiny, divided laser beqms to make microscopic holes in the skin. These holes stimulate the skin's natural response to heal itself and produce more fibrous protein.


//Soothing Treatments//

and produce more fibrous protein. LED Light use wavelengths fibrous protein and are effective on skin regeneration, skin elasticity and acne treatment, would treatment, and cellulite reduction as well.


//After Home care//

We will give you gift for home care and includes Renewme Intensive Moisturizer, Renewme Triple protection sun cream + 5triple water hydrogel Mask and regeneration cream (rederma cream). After treatment, you might have swelling and bruising and even redness if you have sensitive skin. So, you can have home care to improve and restores your skin after going back home.  


Thank you, Roxy for visiting our clinic. We were happy to see you at Renewme Skin Clinic. She also left her review on instagram and kept updating her before and after photos. We will update her before and after photo soon!. 



Thank you so much for making me your brand ambassador! My skin is so beautiful after the treatment and i never imagine it will happen here in your clinic. And also thank you to my english and japanese translator Ms. Alice and Ms. Hong for being super friendly and staying by my side until i finish the procedure and to my beautiful doctor thank you so much! bJ



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