Neck Wrinkle

Visible signs of aging

Neck wrinkles

Strengthen elasticity
by various programs


Renewme neckwrinkle program

  • Skin cell regeneration
  • Collagen formation, elasticity improvement
  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Fast and safe lifting
    Shurink Universe
  • fine wrinkles improvement, skin regeneration
  • Collagen and skin regeneration
    Secret laser

Recover skin structure naturally

Premium Rejuran

Skin in neck area is very thin and has a lack of elasticity, resulting in visible aging signs.
Rejuran Healer creates an ideal neck line by delivering the solution deep into dermal layer of skin.
Rejuran Healer regenerates cell inside the skin to improve damaged inner skin by delivering PN (biocomposite) to dermal layer of skin.
If Rejuran Healer is applied to the aged skin that is lack of collagen and elastic fiber,
it gives elasticity to the fatigued and thinned skin by resotring dermis and epidermis.
  • Skin regeneration
  • Skin elasticity
  • Fine wrinkle improvement

Collagen regeneration, elasticity improvement


  • STEP 1
    Juvelook insertion
    Inject into the area between dermal layer of skin and fat tissue (the sunken skin and wrinkled area)
  • STEP2
    It induces neogenesis and collagen formation while Pdla while disassembling the components
  • STEP3
    A clear skin
    recovery effect
    A skin recovery is clearly visible within 6 weeks
Juvelook is a collagen booster, approved safety by FDA, USA and KFDA.
It is a self corium filler that combines polymer PDLA and HA components in human skin tissue.
It also promotes the production of collagen with natural volume. It improves skin elasticity, fine lines and skin texture.
  • Collagen regeneration
  • Elasticity improvement
  • Wrinkle improvement
Right after the procedure
Within 3 weeks

A great volume! Long lasting result!


Belotero is a premium hyaluronic acid filler, approved its safety by FDA.
It is effective for neck wrinkles and gives a lot of volume.
  • Great effect for wrinkle improvement
  • Optimal skin application
  • Excellent durability
Belotero is a premium hyaluronic acid filler, made by patent technology by Switzerland.
Compared to general hyaluronic acid filler in three existing steps.
Belotero is one and only product that uses CPM technology in 5 steps and has various densities.
Low density part
Natural result with the optimal skin application
High density part
A lot of volume and long lasting result
With its strong cohesiveness and great skin application,
it can achieve smooth skin texture as it fills the gap between each fine line,
preventing it from flowing down or uneven skin.

Saggy neck line lifting

Shurink Universe

Shurink Universe uses non-invasive HIFU technology to improve elasticity and natural lifting effect.
  • Thermal coagulation point in 1.5mm deep upper dermal layer
  • Thermal coagulation in 3.0mm deep upper dermal layer
  • Thermal coagulation in 4.5mm deep SMAS layer
  • Long lasting effect
  • Elasticity from dermal layer to skin surface
  • High Intensity Ultrasound
The key to improve saggy skin is SMAS layer!
Once the aging symptom starts to occur, SMAS layer that supports the thickness of dermal layer and cheeks becomes thinner and weaker over time. Shurink forms thermal coagulation in 4.5mm depths of SMAS layer to induce scar regeneration and skin tissue contraction, leading to natural collagen regeneration and lifting effect.
  • Skin aging
  • Thinned SMAS layer
  • Shurink
  • Skin tissue &
    collagen regeneration
  • Lifting effect

Fine wrinkle improvement to skin regeneration!


Dermotoxin (also known as skin Btoxin) is a diluted solution of botulinum toxin that is injected evenly across the face into the skin's superficial layers. It is effective for skin elasticity and wrinkles improvement since it helps collagen and elastin formation by injecting a small amount of botulinum toxin to the target area (aged skin in neck area).
  • Collegen, elastin formation
  • Skin elasticity
  • Fine wrinkles improvement

From collagen to skin regeneration!

Secret Laser

  • POINT 1
    Growth factor stimulation
    It helps not only natural cure but also proliferation of elastin and collagen by stimulating growth factor in the cell.
  • POINT 2
    Quick procedure
    It induces recovery on stimulation and minimizes damage by giving high frequency to surrounding tissue of needle surface inserted into the skin within one second
  • POINT 3
    Solution delivery
    It induces fast recovery by creating a path that valid solution can be delivered to the skin through the Secret procedure.
Secret laser transfers strong radio-frequency energy to the dermis through micro-needles. Thus, 90% of the collagen in the dermis is reproduced and the elasticity tissue, Elastin is stimulated rejuvenate the skin. The skin renewal is to be continued for a long period of time because of the collagen reproduction in the dermis layer.
  • Collagen regeneration
  • Elasticity improvement
  • Wrinkle improvement

We recommend Neck Wrinkle Program to those who have

  • Lots of fine crease in neck area
  • Deep wrinkle in neck area
  • Saggy jaw line with neck lacking elasticity
  • Vertical crease occurred by aging
Why Renewme Clinic for
wrinkle/skin elasticity/ lifting treatment?
1:1 personalized treatment by rich experienced dermatologists
We proceed with 1:1 personalized treatment through the treatment and diagnosis based on a lot of experiences and expertise.
Various wrinkle improvement treatment program
Renewme clinic makes the utmost effort to give the best result for a high level of patients’ satisfaction by combining with various wrinkle improvement treatment programs.
Please feel free to ask questions about treatment anytime.
▣ Refund / Indemnify Policy ▣
If a patient have a side effect happened from medical malpractice,
the clinic will do refund and indemnify under Medical Act of Korea.

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