Fat reduction
Acne scar
Pore reduction
Direct destruction of fat cell!
Solve your concerns about pores
and elasticity at once
It is an effective procedure for skin elasticity, fine wrinkles, and pores by transferring high-frequency heat from the skin's epidermis to the dermis and subcutaneous fat layers to promote collagen regeneration.
High-frequency heat is transferred to accumulate collagen regeneration
Morpheus8 Before & After
Morpheus adjusts depth and energy according
to skin conditions and requires sophisticated procedures.
We are constantly researching and working to make Renewme's own Morpheus.
Morpheus user meeting
Morpheus education at Bangkok branch
Morpheus8 vs HIFU vs Needle RF
Morpheus8 Needle RF HIFU
Technology High Frequency High Frequency Ultraound
Power of energy High Low Low
Depth Of Penetration Maximum 7mm
(Fat layer)
Maximum 3.5mm
Maximum 4mm
Fibro septal network contraction High Low Low
What is remodeling the fat layer?
Direct destruction of fat cells
Morpheus 8 penetrates to a depth of 4 mm, destroying some fat cells directly through high-frequency heat.
Tightening effect of fat layer through shrinkage of Fibro septal network contraction
The Fibro Septal Network extends between adipose tissue and when exposed to high-frequency thermal energy, it contracts strongly in all directions with adipose tissue and has a lifting effect.
Fractional needle RF

RF Micro needling
Tip → Skin : Direct heat to the skin
RF Micro needling
Tip → Tip : Effect of heat to the needle
Selective depth adjustment up to 2-7mm (exactly targeted at the treatment area)
RF Micro needling
Failed to reach the treatment area
Maximize effectiveness by directly targeting fat cells
RF Micro needling
Failed to reach fat cells
Morpheus8 FAQ
Which parts are this treatment available?
It increases lifting and overall elasticity as well as fine lines throughout the face, including forehead, eyes, nose, cheek, chin, etc.
What is different between Morpheus 8 and another RF micro needle?
High-frequency needle penetrates to a depth of 4mm, giving stronger irritation not only to the dermis layer of the skin but also to the fat layer, resulting in a stronger effect.
Is it possible to do Inmode lifting at the same time?
In parallel with Inmode lifting, skin regeneration and collagen remodeling are more active, so you can expect excellent lifting effects and skin texture improvement effects.
How long is the recovery period?
You may get a little bruise and swelling, but your daily life is possible right away.



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