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Shennyyang Power Blogger Testimonial for Mini-Liposuction


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Today, Singaporean celebrity blogger, " Shennyyang" visited to our clinic to have consultation and treatment for "Mini-Liposuction". She is skinny but, she wants to make more sharply her body for upper arms, thighs, lower belly. Being away for a month, she is worried about gaining weight even though she works out daily. It's inevitable to remove some fat from our body like arms and thighs ect. Then she finally decided to check out RENEWME SKIN CLINIC. We were also looking forward to seeing you her with Dr. Ha from Jamsil branch in Seoul. 



Honestly, she has been really conscious and sensitive of her weight gain every sine mind 2015... She tried exercising, but her weight just wouldn't drop. And she has been thinking about doing lipo for the longest time but it's quite expensive. Then she got email from RENEWME SKIN CLINIC which has their webiste and services they provide for MINI-LIPOSUCTION in Korea! 
Googled more about mini-liposuction cuz it seems like it was different from the usual traditional lipo. And it turns out that mini lipo is alot less painful and it actually good if you have specific areas you wanna target. Such as armpit fats or flabby arms, or inner thign. it's perfect for people who are a lil fat and wanna suck out the excess stubborn fats to have the ideal perfect figure you want.


when she visited to the clinic at jamsil branch in Seoul, she look up the brochure which treatment she wants to have before the consultation with Dr. Ha. She wants to remove fats from her body before the summer. 


It seemed like that I was a perfect match to do mini lipo since I am definitely not obese. Just a little chubby and I wanna get rid of that excess stubborn fats - love handles, beer/ food belly and omg my thighs and butt!! I have a really heavy bottom. Also, there are English interpreters at Renewme Skin Clini so that made our conversation really swift and easy to understand :) 

Order of Procedure

step 1- Design for target area
step 2- Disinfection
step 3- Mini-Liposuction
step 4- Confirmation 


After consultation with Dr. Ha, she recommend 10 bottles, She changed the cloths for the treatment. She had a treatment for procedure on, 

- Arms
- Love handles
- Back of thighs
- Inner thighs
- Lower & Upper tummy

Bye Bye fats!! was told during consultation that I would probably require around 10 bottles to remove my fats, The fat life chose me so much to remove!! I was so nervous of Mini-Liposuction, but English interpreters help me more come down for all steps of procedure. 


Before the procedure, the staff helped me to size up for all target area and it also helps for before and after how much size it reduced. Also, I took pictures all side of my area. It was interesting :) haha. Then I moved to the procedure room for Anesthetia for MINI-LIPO with English interpreters. 


After design and size the area, I move to the procedure room for Disinfection for targeted area. I had Mini-lipo stepped for upper arms -> upper thigh -> Inner thigh -> upper & lower belly. They used cannula for ANESTHESIA.  

General anesthesia are used for traditional lipo but MINI LIPO, Local Anesthesia area administered. So, yes, I was awake and conscious during the whole procedure. It was a little painful but bearable. My tolerance of pain is super low so if I can do it, I guess most people would be able to too. 

The whole procedure took around 4 hours, a little longer than expected cuz the initial estimated time was 3 hours!! Guess really too much fats to suck out LOL. I actually needed 12 bottles to remove my fats 10 bottles instead. And dont you think it kinda looks like FRUIT JUICE?! carrot and watermolon juice. That's all my fat from my area. 


After I was done, I took a rest in their resting room which was really comfortable! Laid there for about an hour or so before I decided to head home~ :))

Felling perfectly fine!! Legit no pain or ache on my arms and love handles. My legs feel a little sore so I just gotta walk at a slower pace. But my stomach was probably the most painful~~ Getting off the bed, sitting down and standing up is a little difficult at the moment cuz of the pain at the stomach area but otherwise, all's good. I could walk perfectly on own and didn't need anyone to supprot me!! we will done shenz!!! 


CHECK UP DAY (next day)

For check up day, gonna be wearing loose and airy clothes for the next few days man. ANW heading to Renewme Skin Clinic for a check up!!! all my bandages at my arms and elbow. If you are wondering why my elbow is bandage as well, my arm fats are actually drained out though puncture made on my elbow so that scarring is reduce to the minumum! :)


Arrived at Renewme Skin Clinic to change my gauze and to remove my bandage!! unwrapping the bandage on my arms and omg my arms look so tiny!!! Almost gonna same size as my forearm!!!!???? Swell has gone down a lot significantly (just one day only!!!) that the bandage even came loose and I had to ask my friend to help me re-bandage it and more  tighten :)!! Also, managed to take a little peek my " new thighs" and I think i saw thigh gap??!!!!! omg haven't had thigh gap since forever LOL. I hope it'll be more obvious after all the swell has gone down!!!


How my right thigh look like 10 hours after the op!!! Not MUCH BRUISING RIGHHHHHTTT??? That's the beauty of Mini-Liposuction 
1. Less painful
2. Less risk and not dangerous
2. Shorter downtime
4.Less bruising

I can actually walk properly now, you won't even knbow that I did surgery on my legs lol. Yesterday still walk a little penguin-ish. I really hope my stomach area would feel less sore soon!!! 


Also,  Renewme skin clinic would gift you some in house cosmetic products if you do 3 bottles and above as an extra perk :) And if you tag then on your social media that you visited Renewme Skin Clinic, you will get this box of Hydrogel Mask as well worth 30,000 KRW!! 





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