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No. Related Photo Medical Equipment Application for Treatment
7 MultiXel Laser Treatment for acne scars, wrinkle improvement, skin tone improvement
MultiXel lasers operate deep within the skin, creating a tiny hole to penetrate the corium, expediting the formation of collagen and elastic fibers to...
6 SP LITE Removal of moles, freckles, warts, age spots etc.
The SP LITE is one of the latest CO2 lasers, now including a dual cooling system, error detection system, Continuous Wave, Super Pulse, and Char Free ...
5 Narrowband UVB Treatment for vitiligo, atopy and psoriasis
Narrowband UVB is a newer method of laser therapy that minimizes side effects by using a more specific UV radiation of 310-315 nm, which is conce...
4 AQUAPEEL Moisturizing, blackhead removal, freckle removal
No downtime and no pain, Aquapeel treatment gives satisfaction to patients by exfoliating skin debris, extracting blackheads and whiteheads, and hydra...
3 Vitamin C Injector Skin tone improvement, whitening, freckle treatment
This injector utilizes iontophoresis to counter the skin's defense mechanism by artificially producing electric potential differences, allowing the de...
2 DermaShine Moisturizing, wrinkle improvement, face lifting
DermaShine is an anti-aging injector that uses sound pressure to evenly distribute the material into the corium, effectively resulting in firmer skin,...
1 Excimer Treatment for vitiligo, atopy, and psoriasis
PHAROS Excimer lasers are xenon chloride (XeCl) lasers that deliver concentrated, high-dose monochromatic 308nm UVB phototherapy directly to psoriatic...
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