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No. Related Photo Medical Equipment Application for Treatment
10 Arneb Laser Skin tone, elasticity, pore improvement
Arneb Laser is an upgrade from the previous single RF, single laser, IR light, RF+laser combination, and RF+light combination - an excellent face lift...
9 eCO2 Scar removal, preventing skin aging
Lutronic셲 eCO2 is the premier fractional ablative laser that delivers the full spectrum of resurfacing treatments to your busy practice. You will a...
8 Intense Pulsed Light Treatment for skin pigmentation, hair removal, skin regeneration
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), stronger than previous lasers, is able to destroy only the necessary tissues, showing immense effects in treating pigmenta...
7 MultiXel Laser Treatment for acne scars, wrinkle improvement, skin tone improvement
MultiXel lasers operate deep within the skin, creating a tiny hole to penetrate the corium, expediting the formation of collagen and elastic fibers to...
6 SP LITE Removal of moles, freckles, warts, age spots etc.
The SP LITE is one of the latest CO2 lasers, now including a dual cooling system, error detection system, Continuous Wave, Super Pulse, and Char Free ...
5 Narrowband UVB Treatment for vitiligo, atopy and psoriasis
Narrowband UVB is a newer method of laser therapy that minimizes side effects by using a more specific UV radiation of 310-315 nm, which is conce...
4 AQUAPEEL Moisturizing, blackhead removal, freckle removal
No downtime and no pain, Aquapeel treatment gives satisfaction to patients by exfoliating skin debris, extracting blackheads and whiteheads, and hydra...
3 Vitamin C Injector Skin tone improvement, whitening, freckle treatment
This injector utilizes iontophoresis to counter the skin's defense mechanism by artificially producing electric potential differences, allowing the de...
2 DermaShine Moisturizing, wrinkle improvement, face lifting
DermaShine is an anti-aging injector that uses sound pressure to evenly distribute the material into the corium, effectively resulting in firmer skin,...
1 Excimer Treatment for vitiligo, atopy, and psoriasis
PHAROS Excimer lasers are xenon chloride (XeCl) lasers that deliver concentrated, high-dose monochromatic 308nm UVB phototherapy directly to psoriatic...
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