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brightening care
Register : 2022-09-16 03:28:37 pm
I'm interested in Brightening care but don't know which treatment I should go for.
Or should I make an appointment with the doctor?
Brightening care
Register : 2022-09-16 03:30:21 pm


Thank you so much for your interest in Renewme clinic. 
My name is Helen from the international patient service team. 

Thank you for making an inquiry about making an appointment. 


We have a consultation fee 20,000KRW by cash and 22,000KRW by card. 

If you have treatment (No need to perform on the day of the consultation), we will waive the consultation fee. 

If you pay by card, there is 10% vat charged.

2) I would like to get an appointment.
-> To make an appointment for the consultation, please fill the form as below,

(1) Full name:

(2) Nationality:

(3) Desired date and time:

(3) How you found our clinic:

(4) Vaccinated status:

(5) Do you have a foreign ID card with you?

(6) Have you visited Renewme clinic before?

(7) What would you like to discuss with the surgeon? 

We have many branches in Korea. 
Seoul- Jamsil, Dongdaemun, Seocho, Hongje, Hwagok 
Gyungido - Bundang 
Busan- Seomyeon
Please choose the branch you wish to visit for the consultation. 

Once you fill the form in, I will check our schedule and help you make an appointment for you. 
Hope it helps with your inquiry.
Best regards,