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Register : 2016-05-19 11:40:25 pm
Good day,
I will visit your jamsil clinic on sautday. 5/21/16
I cannot speak korean fluently do they have a English translator there?
Based in my reviews may i know what is the difference between Acne scalling and aqua peeling which one is better or if I will take a 5 session of acne treatment for 800,000 won can i get 2 sessions of aqua peel and 3 sessions of acne treatment.?.hope for your response..
Thank you..
Register : 2016-05-20 10:04:13 am

Hi Jake, thank you for contacting Renewme Skin Clinic.


We have doctors that can speak English, and also translators who can assist you if necessary. Our schedule is full on the 21st. If you are only free on Saturdays, would I be able to book you for the next week, on the 28th?


To answer your questions about treatment, acne scaling includes a session of manual comedone extraction and the scaling solution (light chemical peel) is also applied manually. AquaPeel is done via an equipment and does not include any extraction. You can consult our doctor first and decide which may be best for you. For the 5 session package, it is possible to substitute scaling with AquaPeel (2 sessions of AquaPeel and 3 scaling sessions).


Please contact us again to book an appointment - you will need to provide your full name, nationality, and phone number (or further contact information).


We hope to hear from you soon!

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