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Price for Mini Lipo
Register : 2016-04-23 11:09:10 pm

I will be travelling to Korea towards the end of this year or early next year and was wondering around how much mini liposuction is for the stomach and thighs?

Would I be able to get an approximate price?

Price for Mini Lipo
Register : 2016-04-25 09:25:42 am

Hi Emma,


Thank you for contacting Renewme Skin Clinic. Mini liposuction costs are calculated per bottle:


800,000 KRW for 1 bottle

1,500,000 KRW for 2 bottles

2,500,000 KRW for 4 bottles and so forth (further prices can be determined after consultation)


One bottle refers to a 60ml syringe of fat extracted. Our doctor would need to examine you first to determine how many bottles would be ideal for your case.


Please book an appointment with us, to learn more about the procedure and for other fat-loss treatments we offer at our clinic. You can contact us at the following:


Phone: +82-2-588-7525

Email: renewmeview@gmail.com

Line: skin0075

Kakao Talk: renewmeskin

WeChat: rnmeskin

WhatsApp: +82-10-9204-0075 


Thanks again!