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Under Eye Filler
Register : 2018-05-17 10:54:57 am

I will be visiting Korea sometime in late June or early July. I have been wanting to get under eye filler for quite some time and would like to compare prices.
Here in the U.S., the cost of under eye filler is approx. 1200.00 dollars. I find that to be quite high for a procedure that may only last 6-9 months.

Please inform me of your price for under eye filler. What type of filler do you use? How soon must I schedule an appointment?

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Also, I will be staying in Dongtan. Is there a clinic near there?


Under Eye Filler
Register : 2018-05-17 01:22:44 pm

Hello Angelita, 

Thank you for your inquiry and interests. 


 As your concern, we recommend  Filler that helps our under eye to make more volume for helping dark circle. Also, we have 2 types of filler. One is Restylane, USA product which costs 800,000 KRW per 1 cc and the other is Yivor, Korea Product which costs 600,000 KRW per 1 cc. We are not sure how much cc you need for your under eyes.The best optional is that you need to have a consultation with the doctor.


 Please send us your photo for your main concern and we will give you more detail information. Also, 땚ur doctor will check your skin concern via your photo and he/she will recommend which treatment is suitable for you.  


Thank you for your interests and looking forward to seeing you soon!

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-E mail: renewmeview@gmail.com


-Kakao Talk: renewmeskin

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Best regards,