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Mole removal
Register : 2018-01-04 09:13:42 pm
To whom it may concern,

I have a medium-large raised mole on my chin that I would like removed. This mole in particular is an obstacle when shaving and I cut it sometimes which is really annoying. There are a couple of other flat moles that I would like to remove also but the one of my chin is the priority. I was wondering about pricing and how long the procedure takes.

Thank you,

Mole removal
Register : 2018-01-05 09:05:32 am

Hello Benjamin, 


Thanks for your inquiry. 

We use Co2 laser to do mole removal, which is the safest way to remove pigmentation tissue at the spots. The price starts from 50,000 KRW for the first mole and from 2nd mole, the price starts from 20,000 KRW for each. If the point you want to remove is bigger or has bump out, there will be some extra charged.


If the amount is quite large (over 15~20 moles), then we also provide full face procedure.

The price starts from 500,000 KRW. If the amount is too much or most of the points are too big, then there will be also some extra charged.


Thanks again for your interests and looking forward to seeing you!


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