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Ingrown hair
Register : 2017-10-01 03:03:05 pm

Do you provide a service for ingrown hair? I have several bumps on my chest that will not go away on their own. If you do how much does the treatment cost?

Ingrown hair
Register : 2017-10-02 10:45:19 am

Hello Sharod,


Thank you for your inquiry and interests. 


we have a treatment for ingrown hair using Hair removal laser for your chest. 

The price depends on how much Ingrown hair you have on the chest. 

If you consider hair removal, we recommend hair removal laser which costs 500,000 KRW per 1 session. 


Also, if you have inflammation with ingrown hair, we also give you prescription for antibiotics. The price of consultation & prescription is 40,000 KRW. If you pay with credit, there is 10% vat additional.

The best way is that you need to have a consultation with dermatologists in our clinic. 


If you want to have exact consultation for detail, please contact us via email or messenger. Here is the email and messenger below. 


-Kakao Talk: renewmeskin

-Line: skin0075

-WhatsApp: +82-10-9204-0075

-Email: renewmeview@gmail.com


Beat regards,