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Combined Treatment
Register : 2017-08-05 09:38:08 am

I would like to know if there is a discount for getting more than 1 procedure done at your clinic. I would like to get nose filler for a straighter nose bridge, square jaw Botox and maybe the vlift.

I can pay partly in cash.

Thank you.
Re: Combined Treatment
Register : 2017-08-05 10:16:08 am

Hello Kim,

Thanks for your inquiry.


If you'd like to do more than one treatment, procedure, we can check if there's any promotion that we can offer you after your consultation.

The promotion might be free gift, discount our free service.

We will confirm with our director after you consult with the doctor and decide what you want to do.


Our price policy is:

If you pay for your treatment or consultation fee by cash, there's no VAT but if pay by card, there's an extra 10% VAT.

And, if you can pay part by cash and part by card, then there will still be 10% VAT for card part.


Thanks again for your asking.

If you need more info. you can also contact us via following messenger:

-Kakao Talk: renewmeskin

-LINE: skin0075

-WhatsApp: +82-10-9204-0075