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Register : 2017-07-31 11:55:54 am
Earlier i got 1,100,000 quotes for one day cocktail package for wart and pigmentation.does it include mole too. Also does the price include 10% VAT? Usually how long is the recovery time after the laser procedure??
Register : 2017-07-31 02:31:22 pm
Hello Saugat,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Co2 laser is used for wart & mole removal. If you want to remove it for whole face, it includes in one day cocktail package.  Also, if you pay by card, there is 10% vat and get Tax refund as well. 

The downtime takes about a week and depends on how your skin it is from the laser. 

The best way is that you need to have a consultation with the doctors. 


If you want to have an appointment, please contact us via email or messenger below.

Thanks again for your concern and looking forward to seeing you. 


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