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Aqua, IPL, Botox
Register : 2017-07-25 09:57:05 am
I like to know if aqua peel, IPL, and Botox for crowsfeet can be all done at the same day?
Because my concern is blemishes (pimple, blackhead) and also to brighten/whiten (coz just a bit reddish) and over all rejuvinate my face and the fine lines aroung my eyes when i smile.
Facial cleaning and IPL works for me on a monthly basis in my home country, then botox semi annually.
And how much for botox per unit? I just need about 5 units for each eye. More than that makes my eyes looks weird because I have big and a bit bulgy eyes
Re: Aqua, IPL, Botox
Register : 2017-07-25 10:37:45 am

Hello Jeng,

Thanks for your inquiry.


Aqua Peel, IPL and botox injection are non-invasive or low-invasive procedure, so, yes, they can be done on the same day.

About the price of botox, we don't charge by amount if you're looking for wrinckle improvement procedure by botox.

We charge by area but actually, we use 4~5 unit for each area so you don't have to worry about it :))

The price of botox injection for wrinckle is 150,000 KRW each area by Meditoxin (Korean botox) and 190,000 KRW each area by Allergan.


Thanks again for your contact.


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Beat regards,