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Thigh reduction
Register : 2017-05-11 11:02:45 am
Hello! I have fat in my inner thigh area. I would prefer a non-invasive procedure to get rid of it. What are my options other than lipo?

I'll also only be in Korea for a month so what would be the best option for me if I don't have time to do many sessions? I am considering Mini-Liposuction if it is more effective than HPL or Cryolipolysis Therapy... but what would be most effective? And what are the prices for each of these procedures?

Thank you ^^
Re: Thigh reduction
Register : 2017-05-11 01:46:05 pm

Hello Vee,

Thanks for your inquiry.

In deed, Mini-Liposuction can provide better job than HPL and Cryoliposis since it's a procedure which can remove fat from the area you need directly.

For inner thighs, you'll totally need 2 bottles at least and the price will be 1.5 million KRW.

(1 bottle=60cc and 800,000 KRW)

After consulting with the doctor, you will know more detail about the procedur such as how your effect would be and if you can remove more bottles of fat.

Unlike traditional liposuction surgery, after doing mini-liposuction, you don't have to stay at our clinic for recovering or wrap the area tightly by bandage. You only need to come next day for checking and one week later for stitches removal.


If you want to improve the area by HPL, the price will be 250,000 KRW per session for both side of your inner thighs.

And for this procedure, if you want to see some visible result, at least 5 sessions, once every week, is needed.


If you're considering to do Cryoliposis, it needs 2 pads (hand pieces) for both of your inner thighs,

and the price will be 800,000 KRW per session.

You might see the effect 2~3 month later and the maximum effect you might be able to get  from one session would be reducing 20% of fat.

So, to get more visible effect, it's suggested to do this once every month and for 3 sessions at least.


Thanks again for your asking.


Best regards,