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Patient Review for Meditoxin, Excel V, Mosaic, Scaling
Register : 2017-02-23 01:58:41 pm

We received a pleasant surprise from a patient who received Meditoxin for forehead, Excel V , Mosaic, Scaling treatment at our Jamsil branch from Dr. Shin Won Wong . Thank you so much for the awesome feedback! 


"Yesterday went really well, really smooth and I didn't feel like there were any complications. So far my skin is healing as expected, I'm red and kinda swollen still but it's subsidized from yesterday so things are looking well. I didn't get to catch the name of my doctor or my translator but they were both excellent, provided clear and concise explanations and disclosures. Because this was my first time doing any laser treatments I didn't know how it should feel but I guess I learned yesterday"