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Patient Review for Shurink + Filler Removal
Register : 2016-08-24 04:36:43 pm

This review has been left by a patient who had nose filler removed (original filler done at different clinic) and Shurink HIFU lifting procedure at our Dongdaemun branch. We messaged him 6 months after his visit for follow-up and received this kind feedback in return!


"The lift procedure has definitely given me great results. Skin feels tight and there is noticeable lift. I did get a small amount of filler added to the bridge of my nose and tear trough afterwards because of the loose skin and skin that felt thin and a bit hollow. This was done about a month after I got back. I'm happy to say that I'm glad to get my old nose back and so far no inflammation to the nose. Thanks again for the service. I'm quite happy with the results and would totally recommend your services to friends."