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DNA Self-Corium Injection
Register : 2017-06-19 01:27:59 pm

 ​DNA Self-Corium Injection

​   One of our patient is stressed out her Acne scar on her cheeks. She had the scar from Chicken pox and Acne. She wants to remove them on her face and wants to have face without makeup. She also likes to have makeup,but it's hard to cover it the scars. Then she was really stressed out the scars on her face. She wants to remove it and clean it with glowing skin and shinny. 

   She had a consultation with our doctor and diagnosis for Acne scar package treatment; DNA Self-corium. She needs to have treatments once a month. She visits Korea very often, so she had 2 sessions for DNA self-corium. She was very satisfied with the results. The pitted scar was getting reducing than before. She also gets rid of her scar and even redness on her cheeks as well. She has more whitening face. 


Here is Before & After photo

Gender & Age: Female /  20's 

Skin concern: Acne scar & Redness

Treatment: DNA Self-corium (2 sessions)


If you want to have further Information about Acne scar treatment, 

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