Btoxin for Wrinkles

Quick and easy anti-aging :

Btoxin Injections
For Wrinkles

Laugh Lines
(Crow’s Feet)

Frown Lines


Why Renewme Skin Clinic?

Renewme Skin Clinic is the place to go for Btoxin injections and other skin related treatments and procedures. Here is why:

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  • Certified dermatology specialists
  • Years of clinical experience
  • Professional consultation and designing before injection
  • Safe and FDA approved products only
  • English help available
  • 6 branches at convenient locations

How does Btoxin work for wrinkles?

Btoxin blocks the signals from nerves to muscles, therefore preventing facial wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement, such as laughing or frowning. When these muscles are prevented from contracting for a period of time, the wrinkles will eventually relax and fade.

Btoxin only works for these dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles caused by movement), and does not work for fine lines in other areas that are caused by sagging.

Applicable Areas

Treatment Information

  • Treatment Time
    10 minutes

  • Downtime

  • Effects Last
    4-6 months

  • Effects Show In
    3-4 Weeks

▣Refund/ Indemnify Policy ▣
If a patient have a side effect happened from medical malpractice,
the clinic will do refund and indemnify under Medical Act of Korea.

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